RPA exists to provide the highest level of account management services in the industry.  We serve as the link between the manufacturers of products and the retailers that resell those products to the end consumer.  We help the manufacturers speak the language of the retailers to provide the strongest vendor partnership possible.  We strive to go the extra mile for both manufacturers and retailers to maximize opportunities for both and serve their needs.



Services provided by RPA include:

Strategic Planning We help our clients take a strategic approach with retailers to identify categories where there are opportunities and formulate a strategy to capture the opportunity once identified.

Project Management We use tools such as task lists and project calendars to monitor progress and hit key milestones aligned with the retailer’s review processes and timelines.

Presentations We help our clients develop impactful presentations to speak to the areas that retailers want to understand when considering new products or programs including market research information, trend information, features/benefits of the products being proposed, and financial models to show potential sales and profitability for the retailer.

Merchandising Strategies We have an onsite layout room to use for planning layouts of merchandise to show in photo format for a presentation, or to have buyers come to our office to review in person.  Based on our experience, we understand the merchandising strategies preferred by retailers and are able to help our clients build merchandise presentations to meet those expectations.

Onsite Conference Facilities Our office is designed with an onsite meeting room with store fixtures and video conference capabilities to meet a variety of meeting needs such as conducting an in-person meeting, linking multiple people in for a virtual meeting, or a good old fashioned conference call.  We designed our space to be a place where we can bring manufacturers and retailers together to conduct business.