About Us

Randy Putnam & Associates was founded in 1981 to provide sales and marketing services for select art, craft, floral, and home decor manufacturers.  The company has evolved into a full service sales agency providing sales, marketing, and merchandising expertise to manufacturers doing business with a targeted group of mass market retailers.

Our Mission is to grow the sales and profits of manufacturers and retailers by  building relationships and providing the highest level of merchandising, marketing, consulting, product development, and customer services.

Our Vision is to be a creative company with high integrity, seeing our manufacturers, retailers, and employees grow to their full potential and contributing to the needs of our community and world.

Our Passion is to team with our manufacturers to successfully achieve high volume sales, profits, and product development success by aligning with the objectives of the retailers we work with to find true win-win opportunities.

 Keys to Success:

  • RelationshipsAs a company we have worked with most of our key retailers for 30+ years.  Our team has established long term relationships with many of the buyers and other personnel across many levels at the retailers that allows us to expedite the sales process and pull in the right people at the right time to push projects forward and resolve issues quickly.

  • Strategic Account ManagementWe align our sales teams with the teams at the manufacturer and teams at the retailers to maximize efficiency and expertise.  We take a category management approach to the product lines we represent to define Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to the business to map a strategy for growth based on timelines and space parameters that the retailers are working from.

  • Sales AnalysisWe have developed and implemented a proprietary POS sales analysis system to capture historical sales and inventory data from retailer portals and process that data into customized weekly and monthly reports to monitor sales trends, product and category rankings, forecasted sales for new items, and inventory management information to help manage the supply chain process.

  • KnowledgeOur team includes people who have worked with retailers for years on the vendor side as well as people who have come to our company after working directly on a retailers’ team for many years.  This provides a high level of expertise and knowledge, which we use to guide our manufacturers to find new opportunities and work within the processes established by the retailers to strengthen the vendor partnership with the retailer and minimize compliance issues.  Bottom line this knowledge helps our clients increase top line revenue and lower compliance costs, resulting in greater profitability.